A sworn interpreter has to be present when executing notarial deeds if somebody is not (yet) sufficiently fluent in Dutch. Translations of official documents such as diplomas and notarial deeds are also only legally valid when translated by a sworn translator.

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Sworn interpreters

On passing notary deeds, a sworn interpreter must be present to translate the substance of the deed if the person appearing is not (yet) sufficiently fluent in Dutch.

Joep Nijsen of jp translations is a sworn interpreter English and as such authorized & specialized in interpreting in executing notary deeds when you buy or sell a property, prenuptial agreements, (living) wills, articles of association, etc. We apply a standard rate.

Judicial authorities (e.g. IND, the courts & the police) also have to use interpreters (and translators) from the Rbtv.

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Sworn translations

We are specialized in sworn translations of notarial deeds of transfer/mortgage, incorporation, prenuptial agreements and (living) wills. Mostly into English but also often into Dutch or other languages.

Sometimes the sworn translation must be legalized in the short (apostille) or long legalisation chain (court, CDC, consulate). We can also take care of this for you.

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